Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sammy Weekend...

DH and I got away last weekend for another Sammy Hagar/Chickenfoot weekend! It was the last concert for Chickenfoot and Sammy's son, Aaron Hagar was going to open for the band with Sammy's band, The Wabos, so we got a double thrill!

We got up there early with our friends and headed to our favorite restaurant for lunch, Wolfgang Pucks! It is so freakin good. We eat there every time we go to Lake Tahoe. After lunch we headed back to our suite to start the party off.
These Limes are from my tree! They are so juicy...mmm...

More friends arrived as the day went on and soon it was time to get ready for the show. Excitement is in the air!!!
Aaron put on an awesome show and ended with a great rendition of "Summer of '69"! We know Aaron. He's an excellent artist and we have two of his paintings he did of his dad. We've met with him several times up there and him and I email back and forth. So I was super excited for him as I know his passion is his art and singing. But it's hard to break into the business when your dad is Sammy Hagar.
It was really neat because Sam came out and introduced Aaron, and then he stood on the side of the stage rocking out through Aaron's whole set. He was a proud papa!

Chickenfoot did not let us down. They did another great show. I am so incredibly bummed that we won't see or hear from them for another 2 years! :o( Chad Smith (the drummer) has to return to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Joe Satriani is touring right now on his own. That's what happens with a super group. Everyone has commitments that must be met.
I had a great time at this concert. I made sure to keep a buzz but not get drunk enough that I missed the show, and I got to dance and sing with one of my BFF's through the show whom I haven't been able to for some time. So it was a great weekend.

Those spouse weekends go so quick and before you know it, kids are whining your name and demanding things again. May is a long way off before our next Sammy weekend. *sigh*


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Kaci said...

Glad you guys had a great time! XOXO