Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meet Follower #2...

Can I just say I love the sound of that...hee hee

So Kaci over at Ellyphant is my Follower #2. Kaci and I have a little more history together then just Blogger friends. Kaci and I go way back, i mean WAY back. Like years.

We use to work together and we both had this horrible 5am shift every day before anyone else got there. And it would be just us wandering the aisles and shouting across at each other. We would get goofy, take breaks together, and LAUGH allot. I knew her back before Ellyphant was here, and before she was married (I was there for that too).

Elly was the cutest little toddler girl I have seen and I fell in love with her. When she needed daycare for Elly, I hooked her up with my neighbor, Stacey. We pretty much did everything together. Bunco, Scrapbooks, work, Starbucks, shopping, hanging out, tattoos (oops, did I say that?), well, we did things. And before I knew it, Kaci had become one of my BFF's!

Then that fateful day came when she broke the news to me that she and her family were moving to Ohio. And I cried. I cried allot. I begged. I pleaded. I bribed. I stomped my foot, but nothing could keep them here. So I watched them load up my little Ellyphant, and drive away.

Through Blog land, we are still able to remain in each others lives and follow our children's activities. Kaci is the reason I started a Blog. She bugged, called, harassed and even threatened to call my mom if I didn't. She wanted to stay in touch from afar. So I started Cindy Lou Who.

I blame her.

Kaci and I have flown back and forth a few times to see each other in the past few years. And it's like we've never been apart when we are together. But it makes it all that much harder to say goodbye when it's over.

Kaci is an inspiration for me. She has lost all kinds of weight (I have no idea how much now, she doesn't stop!) all on her own, works out daily without complaint, and has even started running in marathons this year with her husband. When the world seems to get her down, she bounces back like nothing, and she always has a smile and kind word for me when I'm down.

Kac ~ I miss you like crazy, and I am glad you got to go on this journey. Now could you hurry up and get your butt back home? I need some Elly time! ;o)



Tooje said...

So she's the blog inspiration! Well done, Kaci. I haven't officially met CLW and I love her stories. I don't know her kids, but they seem so huggable. (spell check doesn't like that word). I need to check out Ellyphant.

Kaci said...

Wow I don't think I deserve all that but hey I'll take it! Love you Cin! XOXOX Sam's Club rules! HAHAHAHAHAH!

Together We Save said...

How sweet!! I love meeting your bloggie friends.

Leah said...

Kaci IS about the most amazing person ever. I've been lucky to meet her in person once, but we chat all the time. Kaci, you DO deserve all that (and then some!). Cindy, totally jealous you had all that in person time with Kaci... *grin* and glad she bugged you to start the blog!!!

Betsy said...

Kaci is a rockstar! :-)

Kaci said...

Thanks girls for the kind words you sure know how to make this girl feel loved! We need a TW vacation. Say we all meet hmmm...Hawaii? =)