Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Sammy pics...

Our weekend away to see Sammy was too much fun for just one post!

*Warning - these pics appear in reverse order (end of the night and forward) because Blogger would not cooperate in my upload process!*

So here are some more pics:
Hard Rock Cafe - DH and I after the show. That's my $13 drink in front of me - I about had a hernia when I found out. Apparently you get to keep the glass. I tried to give it back. They wouldn't take it. Yikes!
Hard Rock Cafe after the concert - our usual hangout! Dinner at midnight and drinks to wash it down!
Some of the guys' from our Redrocker Group!
Part of our Redrocker group! My DH's is in the middle in the back. Good Times!
My Redrocker BFF! Finally a show where we got to rock out together. Stacey fell down her stairs in February this year and broke two bones in her ankle. She's had two surgeries already and been tied up in casts and wheelchairs at the other shows. She was finally well enough to stand and rock out with us!
Redrocker Friends - our Redhead groupkeeps growing! So much love at a Sammy show!
Redrocker friendz - Both Hubs behind us having a good time!
We played many games of Quarters. The big winner was DH's! He walked away with $6 in other peeps money! Woohoo..


Leah said...

Looks like it was fun, busy night!

Tooje said...

How does your skin look so incredibly GREAT??? Shouldn't you be sweaty and stuff? It looks like you guys had a wonderful time...overdue I'm sure.