Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet Follower #4...

Welcome again to my crazy 'lil world and stay awhile, you never know when something amazing might happen!

Meet Leah from Laughingleahloveslilies:
I found you because of Kaci. You guys were tight (like this *fingers crossed*) and she got you reading my blog and then you started your own. Or maybe you started your own and then we both mutually started reading each others? Who knows. The point is, I found ya, I followed ya, and there ain't nothin you can do about it. So there! *grin*

LOL Leah! You had it right the first time. Kaci made me (by sending emails every day and telling me I "just had to read" your funny stories) start reading your blog. It was right about the time she started me reading Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, and I was hooked on blogs. Who knew they could be so scrumptious? Seriously, it's like a soap opera that I get to be a part of. The daily life, the achievements, the funny anecdotes, the sickness, the marriages, the deaths and family.

Leah has become one of my good friends via email and blogs. I value her opinion just as much and she amazes me with her crafting ability! Seriously people, you need to check out her work! She can knit and make the most beautiful cards. She can put together amazing baskets for you of newborn. She makes my banners for me on this blog because she has way more creative juices then I do.

Leah, thanks for following along on my journey and for being such a help. I only hope you get in return what I get out of the friendship!



Kaci said...

Oh no Leah's had a blog for like eva!! =) She's the one who forced me to start Ellyphant! She's the superolist coolioist person in all of Washington. =) Mees wuv her.

Leah said...

awww, I'm totally feeling the love here girls... Thanks!

I think I was the one that got Kaci hooked on PW, right? *grin*

Cindy, the feeling's mutual, my friend.

Tooje said...

The blogging grand. :) Just one big hug fest over here, lately!