Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet Follower #1...

Doesn't that sound so "stalker'ish"? I love it. Like I'm important enough to have some one or multiple people stalking me. Well...I guess you all are kinda doing that. Creepy. OK now people, back to your real lives, nothing to see here. :o)

This is from TOOJE - who use to be TOOJ - but TOOJ went and had the cutest little E over summer and then became TOOJE. It's not that complicated. Their initials people, stay with me here.

Hi, I'm tooje, but that's not my real name. It makes me sound like a crazy person, but I'm not. Usually. I don't remember how I found you or if you found me first, but it was through Blog land. I think all family members that read blogs should be required to comment. I would love it if my sisters who are avid readers of my blog, would comment on my posts. I love comments. They should do what I say. I'm older.

Tooje - I love your blog. You are hilarious. I feel like I live in your world and you in mine. We can relate on so many levels. I know if we lived near each other, we would be great friends. Your sense of Humor gets me through many days. Oh and I found you on "attack of the toddler" Blog. You left a hilarious comment one time, and I just had to follow you to your site and see if you were really that funny in life! :o)

Oh and your latest endeavor with the "daily tidbits"? Well, let's just say you took the words right outta my mouth! Love the original me thinking on a few...just maybe...nah!

Thank you for being a loyal "Follower" and faithful Commenter.

Check her out peeps...she's one hilarious chick! :o)



Kaci said...

Hope you are having a fun Monday!

Together We Save said...

How nice of you!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!

Tooje said...

I didn't even know I was the first "featured" follower!! You rock, although I totally wasn't expecting you to do this. :) I figured you'd be pimping out the new secret stalkers. Speaking of...have any of them contacted you to be highlighted? I wish I could stay at home all day long and read blogs. I think it's so much fun.

I'm so glad you remembered how we "came" to know one another. I wish that J. from Attack of the Toddler would POST. I need to go yell at her about that. And I doubt if my comment was hilarious or crazy...I've found that I really have gotten nuttier, as in might need treatment, the older I get.

:) Happy Hump Day.

Betsy said...

Love getting to know your followers!