Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thankful Tuesday...

Thing's I am Thankful for today:

*Having a job
*Amazing kids who love me unconditionally
*A best friend for a Husband
*Strength beyond imaginable
*Ability to bite my tongue when needed
*Ability to speak my tongue when needed
*Ability to know the difference of those
*Having a big heart, although at times that means it gets hurt easily
*Stability in an unstable world
*Puppy Dog eyes
*Smiles that brighten the world
*Friends who never give up on me
*Family that is always there
*Looks that require no words
*Hugs that can make the day
*Candles that smell good and change the mood of the house
*Childhood innocence
*Childhood honesty
*A home to call my own
*Being a Mother
*Neighbors who have my back
*The Sun each day
*The Star's each night



Kaci said...

Very nice list! =)

Tooje said...

So positive and happy! I love it. :)