Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh my poor blog...

How I've neglected you...I promise to get back on track. I promise to start blogging again. I promise to...

Oh who am I kidding???

I will be living in my car for the next 3 months. You think I'm kidding?

Austin started High School last week. We're talking the big leagues here. His school operates on a 4x4 block system. Which means they only take 4 classes at a time. But they are Concentrated classes. So instead of 8 classes of 45 minutes each, they take 4 classes for 1-1/2 hours. Then the second semester they take a different 4 classes. So they still get the 8 subjects all year, but now the teachers have longer to get the information to sink in. I like the idea. Instead of 7 subjects (PE doesn't count) of homework each night, they just have 3 or 4 but more of it. So each night he has about 1-1/2 hours of Homework.
Soccer also started last week. Oh and guess what? After 10 years of being Team Mom/Manager, I informed the coaches and parents THIS YEAR I am not doing it. Could someone else please step up and do it? Hello? Is this thing on? Anyone? *birds chirping*

So yea, I got roped back into it. It was the coaches speech of "but you are the best of the best and how can i do it without you and you have perfected it so no one wants to take it on and how will i ever be able to coach if i don't have you?" Then it was the league going "You gotta have a manager" and the parents all standing there LOOKING at me...
Where was I? Soccer 3x a week then games start in a few weeks and we travel for those. All over. I have our big water cooler for Austin to bring, a 5 person bench seat that folds to bring, a 10 ft flag/banner to bring and assemble at each game, 3 chairs for DH, Em and I to sit in at the game, a Pop Up Canopy to sit under in the 100+ sun and a snack/toy bag to entertain Emily! Phew...I'm exhausted already.

Oh you thought I was done? hahahahahahahahahaha....

Monday starts Baseball for Austin too. Yep...just shoot me now. High School Fall Baseball. Practice is 2x a week with tournaments on weekends. Tryouts start Monday. If you want any chance of making the Spring Team, you have to play Fall. There are only 18 kids on the spring team. 8 are returning JV players. They have 30+ kids trying out for 10 spots. If you play Fall ball, Coaches give those kids 50% better chance of making it and pick those kids before any fresh kids coming in. So pretty much, if you wanna play at all, you gotta start now! Oh and Fall Ball, is 80% returning Spring players, and they only take a handful of new players. So if you bomb tryouts, your pretty much done for the year.

But NO PRESSURE...right?

I sure hope Austin can keep up with it all. He's not very good at juggling things. He's been in school one week and already missed his homework one day. So we're riding him now. Gotta start off strong.

Oh and did I mention that this is only ONE of my kids schedules??? Now you see why I will be living in my car...Take, pick up, take, pick up, take, pick up...where am I suppose to be?



Kaci said...

Ummm a bit much? =) But I know you can handle it!

Tooje said...

And this makes me realize I need a job closer to home or none at all! Aaahhh!