Friday, August 20, 2010


Gulp...I have someone I need to introduce you too. This person came from my body, was born into this world a 6 week Preemie with difficulties in the NICU that we weren't sure he would be alright, 20+ surgeries to date, grade school to Middle School to High School!!! Ack!!!

My Son, Austin:
Sobbing uncontrollably...My baby is all grown up! I don't know when it happened. Because in May, he was still my little boy. I still had to look down at him, Could still reach around him with my arms to hug him, could tickle him and play tag around the house.
*side note: the photos are all the same, they just gave me a disk with all three color tints on it*

Now? Now he stands taller then me by 3 inches (he's 5'9), his foot has grown 2 shoe sizes (Men's 10 now) and he's gained 15lbs. His face is maturing and filling out. Losing that babyish look of pre-puberty chubbiness.
His voice is cracking now. Won't be long before that sweet Lil' voice I love so much will be gone forever replaced with a deep, resonating sound. When we hugged before, it was his arms around my waist and I hugging his shoulders, now it is my arms around his waist and his around my shoulders. Now he is the one looking down at me.
When I see him around other kids and how he overtakes them in size, I have to remind myself that he is still 13. My baby that was so small and skinny in that NICU is now the linebacker.

He is definitely going to be over 6'2 like his dad. One doctor predicted he will be taller then that.




Tooje said...

It really puts into perspective that we're getting old, when they get this old. How strange a feeling it is to be the old people.

Kaci said...

Wow he's grown so much! La sigh...

Leah said...

ack! my heart will break at whatever point my boys are bigger than me. cry!!!! they're supposed to be our little boys forever, right?

what a handsome young man he's turning into, though.