Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Date night...sort of...

Sunday DH and I set off to spend some time together. With our daughter. Our son was gone for the weekend, and so it was the three of us. It was a pretty stressful weekend, so late in the afternoon we set off to visit one of our fav restaurants in a town about 25 minutes away.
This is her 1st attempt...

Emily was getting bored waiting for them to open, and then to wait for service. I happen to have my camera in my purse and handed it to her to entertain herself while we waited.
Here is her collage.

I had to laugh because all the pics she took of me were clear and focused. But when ever she snapped one of DH, it was blurry. No matter how I tried to help her, his came out fuzzy. She was having a blast. And I have to say...she got some good ones.

Maybe I see a future involving Photography for her???



Tooje said...

I love pondering what the future will be for the kids. :) Every little thing they do, I wonder.....will this be it?

I hope you enjoyed your dinner and sort-of date night!

Kaci said...

Such a beautiful family!

Leah said...

whatever it takes to entertain them sometimes, right?? And she did a great job taking pics!