Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First day of school...

It's so hard to believe the kiddo's started school already. Now don't get me wrong, I was ready for them to go. Well, sort of. I was more ready for them to get out of my house and give me some peace. LOL.
So I officially have a High Schooler now. I'm still having issues with that. He informed us that he wanted "Dad" to take him to school on the first day in the "Cool new car" to show off and not "Mom". WHATEVER!!!I don't have any pictures of him on his first day. Sad. But he leaves at like 7:20am and I was just getting out of the shower, and well...the camera was not ready.

Emily is now a 4th grader! She is thrilled with it. Loves her teacher. And the best part? She has her Best Friend in her class again this year! Yea! They did Sleepovers all summer together and so it was like they've never been apart. My babies are growing up and I don't like it! *stomping foot on ground*

Checking for Mom & Dad one last time...

On the other hand, I only have 8 more years until the last one is out of school and on the way to my freedom!!!
Gotta look at it with the Glass half full attitude, right? ;o)


Tooje said...

Glass half full, indeed. I enjoy that "only 8 years" part. Wowsers. I have toooo long! lol

Did they have a good first day? And subsequent days?

Kaci said...

I love her!! Her shirt is super rad too! =)

Leah said...

Em's outfit sure was cute!

and holy cow, there were lots of parents in that classroom!! I think the only time I drove my kids to school for the first day was for Kinder when you HAVE to. The parking lot at my kids' school is ridiculously tiny and insane and most of us stay as far away from it as possible. *grin* My kids are enjoying their last two weeks of summer, but are definately anxious to get back to seeing their friends on a more regular basis.