Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Part 2 of our trip...

Where were we? Oh yea, nasty weather and alone on a road...fun times!

So the Fog crept in from nowhere and visibility was dramatically reduced, and the rain turned to snow and then chunks of ice falling, and we couldn't see anything past our hood of the car. We were literally creeping along and stopping to chip off the wipers and all the time laughing to ourselves how insane are we to be doing this? Because any "Sane" person would have turned around by now. :o)

It was during this treacherous part that we heard a noise and looked behind us and lo and behold there were 3, yes 3, giant Snow Plows and Sand trucks going about 50 mph flying down the road and clearing the way. They flew past us and we followed in the newly plowed and sanded road! And behind them came cars! We weren't alone now. But on the other side of the road, they were being led by Highway Patrol and there were MILES of cars waiting to get through! Man, we weren't sure if we were happy or crazy that we made it through!

I wish I had taken a picture of how bad the weather was. But I was busy jumping in and out to chip wipers off. It was pure WHITEOUT conditions. We couldn't see. We were driving 15 mph and still couldn't see where we were. I just kept an eye on the snow drift embankment next to me and told her when to move over onto the road.

We endured this for about 30 minutes when we rounded a curve in the mountain and all of a sudden, it was blue skies! No more snow falling, ice forming and the road actually turned back into pavement! Woo-hoo! We knew at that point we were going to make it. Now coming home the next day, was another story.

The normally 2 hour drive took us 6-1/2 hours! We pulled into the Hotel and our nerves were shot! Little did we know our journey was still not over! After checking in, they tell us to pull across the street to the parking garage and take the skyway walkway back thru to the hotel and take the elevator to the 10th floor.
The view from our room and our hotel rooftop!

So off we go. The walkway tunnel looking up seems pretty high, so we drive up and up through the garage until we think we are high enough. We are both on our phones checking in with hubbies to let them know we made it in one piece! And apparently we can't talk, drive and think at the same time. We parked and got out to unload when I look across the garage to the walkway and I can't see it. We had gone too high. So back in the car we go again and drive down a few floors until we are pretty sure we got the right one, and park again. And looks are deceiving, because it looked like we were at the right angle, but after unloading bags and luggage, and climbing into the elevator to the "walkway, we learned we had to go "up" 2 floors. Only to learn you can't park on the floor with the walkway, only Valet! WTH?
The mountains around us...

So we make our way across the walkway, each pulling our rolling luggage, carrying bags of alcohol and food, and carrying Ipod Speakers, Cricut machine and purses. We were loaded. When all of a sudden, one bag handle rips. So we readjust and continue. A second bag rips a hole in the bottom. Damn we brought a lot of alcohol. Then the food bag rips! Crap - wth is going on here! So I park my friend with the ripped bags and went in search of the elevators to see how far they were to get to our room. Still pulling all my load, I wind around this hotel following signs that say the elevator is "around the corner". When I finally find it after the 4th corner, I climb into it only to discover it only goes up 3 floors and we need the 10th floor! Damn it! Wrong freaking elevator. So back off I go and back to my friend. We stand there trying to decide our dilemma. Between us and the Lobby were a set of 6 stairs and an escalator. Let me remind you here we have HEAVY broken bags and rolling luggage stacked with more crap! My friend runs down the stairs looking for a luggage cart only to be told we can't let you use them, you have to pay a bellboy! WTH? Who designed this freakin hotel?
One of the mountains we just drove across!

So She's back and we stand there discussing our options. When I finally had enough! I grabbed as much as I could carry, told her to wait, and carried everything down the stairs and ran for the elevators. Found our room, ran back and helped her bring the rest. *panting for air here*
Our snacks - Had to have the M&M's when you drink, something Salty and something sweet, Licorce in the back you cant see and CC Cookies! Mmm...

Ok - Load one done, now back to the car for load two! Seriously, why did we bring so much crap? Umm...because we were only suppose to have a 2 hr drive here, so we were going to spend all day scrapbooking in our room, which by now it is 6pm and we still hadn't even unloaded everything!

It seriously took us 1 hour to figure out how to get our stuff down those stairs and across the lobby to the right elevator! Our brain and nerves were fried after that road trip! And seriously - who designs a bunch of stairs next to the walkway from the garage to the lobby when EVERYONE is pulling LUGGAGE??? Totally insane!
Yes, all this alcohol is for TWO people! And yes, we made quite a dent in it. :o)

We finally crashed in our room around 6:30pm and mixed a STRONG drink right away to relax us!

**Stay tuned for Part 3**

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