Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have you heard of...

Justin Bieber?

Well, let me tell you about him. He is a teen heart throb, singer, actor, brother and son and every "tween" girl on the planet (including my 9-1/2 yr old daughter) is in love with him. He really is a cutie.
Emily had a sleepover two weeks ago with a school friend and came home talking all about "Justin Bieber" and how she was going to marry him. If his song came on the radio she would start screaming and sing along. Apparently at this sleep over, they watched You-tube videos of him and sang to him all night.

So when I saw how excited she was about something, i reminded her she still had her Christmas money she hadn't spent yet and if she wanted she could get a Justin Bieber CD (Insert high pitched shrieking here). So off we went to the store and she carried that CD throughout the store not letting it go.

As soon as she got home the wrapper got ripped off and we discovered the inset had a poster of him on it. So she made a bed on her floor in her room of a blanket and laid the poster out on it and stared and talked to Justin for days. She played the CD over and over and over and over (oh sorry, flashbacks!) and on HIGH volume and sang to every song before picking her favorite. And this said song has a chorus line of "A, A, A, A" over and over which in effect could be "hey, hey, hey" but to which she will not hear of and says "A, A, A".

I realized how intense this crush was getting when I over heard her kneeling beside her bed to pray and asked God to switch her brother out for Justin Bieber so he could be her brother.

So I then reminded her she still had money left over would she like to go get a BIG poster to hang on her wall??? (Insert ear splitting shriek here)

So off we go again and grabbed a poster along with a "Teen Beat" magazine that was ALL about Justin Bieber. We also bought some sturdy and durable Pink Headphones to go with that CD so mommy could retain her sanity.

Today, I hung her 3 posters up on her wall and when she walked in I heard another ear splintering shriek and giggles and a "Thank you Mommy I love you you are the bestest ever" being yelled through the house.

*sigh* I thought this wasn't suppose to happen until she was 25??? That's the way it played out in my head. ;o)



Kaci said...

He is a totally cutie!! I like it when he says...what's up shorty? LOL!

Tooj said...

That's so nice of you to go along and encourage it. I will NOT be doing that for my boys. LOL Ugh. I can't even think of crushes. I do NOT want this to happen.

Anonymous said...
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Leah said...

um, wow, I totally commented on this post, but I don't see my post. Except I do see a comment full of boxes and dots. ??? Did my original comment get turned into something crazy, or is my computer going crazy and your 3rd comment really says something that I just can't see?????