Thursday, March 11, 2010

More trip pics...

**Just in off the wire**

Finally got the pics from my friends camera so had to share from her point of view...
Us girls making our way...Don't we look fearless?
Such a devilish look...What do you suppose she was thinking of doing with that scrapper?? You can see behind us how bad the weather was getting! Yikes!
My turn to scrap...I had the big snow parka, so I grabbed her jacket to throw on, turns out it was her daughters she borrowed, yea, about 2 sizes too small for me! lol
There's the proof honey...we really stayed in and scrapbooked! No stripper shows, i promise! :o)
We stopped on the way home to ride the Motion Theatre 3D experience and she whipped her camera out during the ride...good thing we were the only ones in there! It was fun!
So there ya have a nutshell!

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