Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a New Day...

And that means New Beginnings!

I went on strike in my house! I am tired of being over worked, taken advantage of, walked on, used, and not enjoying life anymore. I bend over backwards to get everyone where they need to go, schedule everything, meetings, appts., school, church, doctors, homework, errands, sports, take me here, i need this....ENOUGH!!!

For the last 6 months, I have been the doormat and chaueffer. I have been the maid, the cook, the laundrymat, personal shopper and nurse. Not one Thank You. Not one "I appreciate you". Not one smile. Not one hug. Not anything!

And then it all blows up and guess who's fault it is??? Yep! They all blamed me!

So guess what? I quit!

I can't go to your appts for you. I can't go to school for you. I can't play the sport for you. I can't live your life for you. I can't live MY life because I'm living as your servant. And no one is happy. Especially ME! And when Mama's not happy, ain't no one happy.

So Monday night I let them have it. I threw in the towel. They were scared. They looked very scared. They've never seen Mom like this. What does this mean? Are you telling me I had the good life and now it's gone? Yep...that's what it means!

I told them my job was to provide Housing, clothes and food. That's it! And from now on that was all they were going to get!

Yesterday, I did the laundry (clean clothes), I worked my job (to pay for housing) and I cooked dinner (food). That's all! I was VERY quiet all day. Didn't talk to anyone. Didn't chit chat. Didn't answer questions to me (I'm making a point). And I didn't check on homework. And at 8pm last night my son freaked out because he forgot to do his homework and "why didn't you remind me?" came out of his mouth! And I smiled. My plan is working.

After school yesterday, my son was bothered with my quietness. So he tested the waters. Asked me questions. He started out simple and when those didn't get answered, he upped the anty. But still nothing! He was very scared. Next thing I know...he's bringing up the folded laundry and putting every ones away. Then I hear the Vacuum, downstairs and the upstairs. Then I hear him cleaning his sisters room (which was a mess after having a sleep over this weekend). Then I hear dishes being done.

He kept letting me know after each job was done what he had done. I guess he thought he deserved a pat on the back or a checklist being marked off. Mom didn't get a pat on the back or her list checked off. They just kept adding to it. plan is working.

Hubby is on that lists too. He stayed clear of me last night. And he snuck out the door to work this morning.

I don't know how long I will keep this up. I usually cave in before them. I can't stand not helping them out. But I feel much better today. Woke up and it's a new day, and that means a new beginning. Amen!



Kaci said...

Oh dear

Together We Save said...

Good for you!! I have been the doormat a few times myself!