Thursday, February 4, 2010

High School Reunion...

I am sitting here watching High School reunion on TV and wondering about real life. Have you seen the show? They take 10 people from a class back in the 1980's and stick them in Hawaii in one house. They take one from each class of people or cliques. A nerd, a jock, a bully, a cheerleader, etc. and they spend two weeks together going on dates and confronting each other on things from the past.

It's kinda funny to watch how pathetic some people are. They just can't let go of their high school years. But it also is sad to see the heartbreak as they confront their bullies or fears and try to move on.

If you think about your school years, High School stands out more then say your elementary years do. High School had the most memories. First love, first BFF's, first freedom, first date, first formal dance, first driver license, first car, first kiss, first sexual experience for some. Depending on your High School years, it made or break you.

I think my HS years, were by far the best ones. I finally felt comfortable with who i was, I let myself enjoy life and made some great friends and memories along the way.

It does break my heart to see some people who have never been able to let go of those years. Who still thrive to be the center of attention. Or can't let go of a lost love. The boy who longs to be the class clown in a business meeting, or the girl who longs to be with her quarterback boyfriend. They can not move on and live their lives fully while they still live in the past. They are missing out on this life that was given to them.

I hope they find peace. I hope they come to accept themselves for who they are now, and not who they were then.


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Tooj said...

They did this show a year or two ago. I watched some of it. It is definitely interesting to realize that the personalities we experienced in high school were really just extensions of who that person was overall. If they needed attention, that was just THEM....based on their experiences as a younger child. It wasn't a high school phase most of the clearly is engrained in their personality and stays with them as adults.

Some have the ability to self-reflect, but others just live so much in the present that they can't see the bigger picture. It's an interesting scenario, that show. And can suck you in. If you continue to watch, I'll be looking for recaps.