Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dance Recital part 1...

So Emily's dance class is a two parter. She takes Tap Dance and Ballet in a combo class. So they spend part of it doing Tap and then switch to Ballet. It really just teaches them the basics, no big dance combo steps that will put them on broadway, but it's a great way for someone to test the waters in both and see if they like it.
Emily loved the classes at the first part of the semester. But as time wore on, she quickly tired. So I am proud that she finished it. You can see she is mostly following other students or the teacher, but she's doing it to the best of her ability! And with her mental slowness, it's AMAZING!
That's suppose to be clouds around them...

It was during these recitals dances that DH informed me that the disc he brought for the Video Camera was used up on the gymnastics part and he had no more left to record for the dance. So after saying a few choice words under my breathe to DH about how was I too take Pics to scrapbook if I have to video record with my still shot camera??? I then quickly switched camera settings through all the shows and missed enjoying the moment itself. *ugh* If you want something done right...do it yourself!


Disclaimer: I have tried for 8 hours now to upload video and Blogger is not cooperating. So I am sorry...there is no video to view!


Kaci said...

Awhh bummer but way cute pictures!! Great job Em!

Leah said...

I couldn't get blogger to load video the last time I tried, either! such a pain!!!!!

That said, looking on the bright side, at you did end up with some video and some pics. even if it wasn't the ideal set-up, they're better than nothing! I'm sorry to hear she got tired of dance. I don't think it's possible with MY Emily. That kid is still asking when she can sign up for even MORE classes! aughh!!!