Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Emily's final performance...

So Emily had her dance recital and Gymnastic performance last month, but i'm just getting around to getting the pictures off the camera and able to post some.

Yes, she is the tallest girl in class and being skinny doesn't help the tallness make her stick out even more. LOL
But she had a good time. So here are some pics and if I can get the video downloaded...there will be video too!
After the performance, then they had free time to show us what they had learned. Emily showed us her stretching and balance beam.

She was showing Dad how she can do it by herself.

Tomorrow I'll post her Dance...



Kaci said...

YAY Emily!! =)

Tooj said...

How exciting for her to show you what she's learned. :) This brings back memories of when I did gymnastics. Aaahhhh.

Leah said...

pretty good back bridge she was doing there!!

Looks like she was having fun!!