Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ash Wednesday...

So we went to church last night for Ash Wednesday. Our son sat with his confirmation class, so it was just us and our daughter and my 5 yr old nephew. Just as the Mass was about to start, an elderly lady sat behind us who must have just spritzed herself with perfume on her way to church. When Emily blurts out "Ew mom, what is that smell? It stinks in here" and to make matters worse she starts dramatically fanning the air around her and making a gagging sound.

*I wanted to crawl under the bench and die right there*

Then as we get to the communion part, my nephew tells Emily that it's time for the "wafer". Emily looks at me and says loudly as the Mass pauses for silence, "Mom, I'm not eating that. What is it, Bread? A Cookie? That looks gross!"

*Lightening strike me NOW*

Then the priest is blessing the wine and my nephew looks at me and says "Why does he get soda at church?"

*Anytime now Lightening*

For some reason they did not have the air conditioning on and it was packed inside for the special service. And it got very hot in there with so many bodies. Emily and my Nephew start fanning themselves in the air and whispering loudly "oh I'm so hot, I think I have to sit down and not listen anymore".

God, Please forgive the young ones...they do not know the ways yet. *sigh*



Leah said...


What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right??

Kaci said...

LOL!!! Oh dear!