Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Christmas means...

Every year I struggle with finding a way to teach my children what Christmas is about. I want to make sure they realize Christmas is NOT about the presents. It's not about the lights or the decorations. I try to find a way to enrich them that will become a memory, a reminder, a subtle thought of what the day and season really means.

Christmas can mean many things for different people. It could be about the new Red Dress, or the fancy tree, or even the parties they will attend. For some, it is about Jesus, or another higher power, and the day of birth.

And for others, it is about Family.

Family to me is what Jesus represents. His love and understanding, his forgiveness and kindness, his unconditional faith in humanity is all about FAMILY. He thought of us all as his family, when he chose to die for us. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to push any religion on you, nor preach my faith. I believe we all have the right to love and believe in whomever makes us feel better.

But family, when your all together, when you take away all the outside interferences of the "retail Christmas", makes you all warm and cozy, safe and fuzzy.

You see, I use to think this was Christmas:

But life changes lately has made me realize, that Christmas is more about this:

And most importantly this:
It did all start with this:

And became this over time:
Love is Family ~ Merry Christmas!


Lisa Baldwin said...

Perfectly said I love this post... Hope your family has a very Merry Christmas!!!

Norms said...

This is so True. Family makes it everything important. Well said Cindy, well said.

Tooje said...

I love the story in ornaments. :)

Here's to wishing you and yours a wonderful end to this year, and a grand start to next. I hope all is going well and that smiles are frequent in your home these days.