Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Decorating...

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we waste no time in preparing for Christmas in our household. It is our favorite holiday for my Hubby and I. I think it has something to do with us really just being kids at heart, but i feel happier, merrier when everything is decorated. And my absolute FAV is sitting in the evening's when it's dark out and just having the Christmas Lights on.
So Friday morning, the day after Thanksgiving, Hubby starts pulling all the Christmas tubs out of the shed, and I hit the stores at 5am for Christmas Shopping. Usually by the time I get home, half the outside is decorated.
You see, our home is one of those that people drive by to see. Not intentionally, it just seems to grow each year. I lost count at 15,000 lights. Add in several inflatables, yard decorations, wall designs, garage magnets, and front porch scenes, you can imagine what I'm talking about.
So Saturday Morning, the inside tubs come in, and I spend the day moving furniture to prepare for the tree, stringing and decorating all the bannister's in the house and hanging stockings. We have a Nativity Scene, a Christmas light up village, A Santa collection, 6 inside trees (4 mini, a medium one, and a Live large one), ribbons, wall decorations, you name it, we have it.
It usually takes us the whole 3 days to finish the inside and out. Christmas Music blaring, the kids help out too. Austin enjoys doing the outside with Dad, now that he's old enough to get on the roof and do them himself, and Emily helps me with the inside. She's great at directing me and unpacking everything.
There's something about decorating for Christmas, that brings out the child in me. I feel the excitement growing inside, the giddiness of a child, the warm, fuzzy feeling of what Christmas means. Watching the wonder and excitement on my children's faces, and the glow in their eyes. Christmas means more then the decorations we put up. Its the wonderment of what the season brings. It's the kindness and consideration of thinking of others, the thought that is put into the home baked goodies and gifts, the memories that are made.
Now if only I could get an elf or two to wrap all the presents for me, then I'd be really happy!


Tooje said...

Good gracious. We might need you to come sprinkle good cheer at our house. LOL

Leah said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the house all lit up! I've always wanted my house big time decked out in lights, but it's sort of a blah, rectangular OLD ranch house. Not many places to rig up lights. And I have a husband who's barely willing to string the lights along the gutter-line of the roof as it is. LOL! I'll live vicariously through you!