Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday...

The Boy went and turned another year older! No matter how many times I tell him to stop aging because it's making me look bad, he keeps on doing it.

Austin turned 15 a few days before Thanksgiving, and this year he wanted to take a bunch of friends to play Laser Tag and sleep over. And I said sure! Thinking only a few friends and how I'm getting off cheap this year for a party, this will be a breeze.

So when he heard back from the invites, a few said no, so he invited a few more. And then those few came back and said "hey, plans changed, we are not out of town for the holiday, now we can come" and then I had a house full and had to drive 2 cars.

So DH and I drove these 6 HUGE, as in tall and meaty, teenage boys to Laser Tag, and waited while they played arcade games for an hour, ate in the cafe, and played 2 games of LT. Then these eating machines were hungry. So off to Pizza we went. Five Extra Large Pizza's and Breadsticks later, we headed home for an all nighter gaming night.

Oh and don't forget the Gourmet Cupcakes for dessert.

They were wound up. High on excitement and sugar. I only was awaken at 2am to the front door opening and closing. Caught 2 of them sneaking out, or should i say, sneaking in. The boys finally crashed around 5am from what i hear.

I woke up and made a huge homemade breakfast for them with 1 dozen Scrambled Eggs, 2lbs of Bacon, 2lbs of Hash browns, 1gallon of Apple Juice, 2 packages of Tortilla's for the breakfast burritos and 1/2lb of cheese.

And then....their parents arrived to take them all home.

And I collapsed.

He had a great time, and it was great seeing him laughing so much, and overall, they are a really great bunch of guys he's friends with.

But I'm scared for the big "16" party next year!



Tooje said...

Sneaking in...from where? LOL

My stepson turns 14 in 4 days. SO WEIRD! He'll be at his mom's though....not sure if he asked her for a party. I suppose if she doesn't, we can do something special for him the following weekend. :) Ugh. Teenagers.

Kaci said...

Happy Birthday Austin! Now stop growing up so much! :)

Kaci said...

Happy Birthday Austin! Now stop growing up so much! :)