Friday, January 28, 2011

When you may have crossed the line...

Have I mentioned that I'm moving? Yep - cross country too. Going from sunny California to Snowy Vermont. But the trade off is worth it, right? I'm moving into a fully furnished with all brand new furniture and decorations, and as my daughter says, the coolest part is the backyard that has a Hot Tub built into the granite rocks with a gas fireplace next to it. And it comes with a 2011 GM Arcadia SUV and lots of $$ to pay the taxes on this property.

Ok, Ok...I haven't actually WON the house yet on HGTV's Dream Home Giveaway, but when I do, I'm moving!

Emily is the sweetest, most gullible little thing in the world, and sometimes it's fun to play with her, and sometimes when your not even trying too, she falls right into it.

She saw me doing my daily entry to try and win this house and saw the pictures of the house, and asked what I was doing. I "casually" mentioned that I was looking at our new house (insert the snicker i added here after saying it). Well, she didn't catch the infliction of my voice or my snicker and freaked out!

"Oh my gosh, are we really moving? Where's my room? Can we bring Toby? What about my Toy's? Whose going to live here in this house? What about my friends? I'm going to be sad?"

So I ask "so do you just wanna stay here then?" Thinking this would be my way out of the conversation she so already believes is happening.

"Oh No Mom, I'm moving. I want a new house. I hate this house. This house is old. When are we moving? Can I bring my doll's? Are the boy's coming too or just us girl's?"

And before I could say another word, off she ran, down the stairs yelling "DDDAAAADDD, we're moving!!!!! And mom says we're going to ..., MOM, Where are we moving too? Vermont? Dad, we're moving to Vermont!"

I slowly peak my head out the door of the office, and my husband is furious with me because he knows exactly what just happened and is shaking his head at me with a smirk and says "Oh she's gonna make you pay for that"

So I sit Emily down and try in vain to explain that we haven't actually WON the house yet, but if we DO, then we will move, but until then, we are not actually MOVING anywhere. I swear all she heard was HOUSE and MOVE. We tried watching a movie, but every 5 minutes she would think of something else she needed to pack for the move and ask if we could take it or did she have to give away all her things?

Well, by the next morning, I assumed when she didn't wake up mentioning it that we were in the clear and she finally understood we were NOT moving. That is until I picked her and her friends up from school and as they piled in the car I hear "Cindy, is it true your moving? What about Emily's toy's? Can you take the dog? I'm going to miss you? Why would you move? What are you going to do with your house? I don't want you to move? Does my mom know your moving? I'm going to tell my mom your moving. Can we come with you?"

I was ready to either cry or laugh. This clearly was getting blown out of proportion and Emily OBVIOUSLY did not GET that we were NOT moving and had clearly NOT forgotten. I can just imagine what she told the school and friends.

So I try explaining to the girls and home we went.

The next day, I had several parents ask me if it was true? Were we moving? *sigh*

Then the girls pile into the car after school and tell me "My mom said you can't move with out us, and we're going with you. So I hope your house has room. And Emily said she can't take her toy's, but my mom said I can take all my toy's so Emily you can play with my toys. I'll bring my doll's and we can share. Wanna share a room? We can play and run around."

During the car ride home they had planned the whole future and how we were all going to live together. How her friend's mom worried about how to pay the property taxes on that house, how would we adjust to the snow and how would the dogs take to the new house, "Cindy, is there room for the dogs? Is there a dog house for them?"

OK...I "may" have crossed the line in telling her that night we were moving to a new house, but I clearly was kidding and had not intentionally planned on teasing her...

Now if you'll excuse me, i need to go unpack her suitcase now...


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Tooje said...

I really wish you all the best when she finally realizes that she's not going anywhere and has to stay in that old, hated, house. LOL