Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year's...

So on NYE, our big Sammy Group of friends that we go to concerts with, decided to have a "House Hopping" NYE party! We had so much fun.The little kds playing together.

So we start out having Appetizers and drinks at one house. Then after a couple hours we move onto the next house for Dinner and drinks. Then after a couple of more hours, we ended up at our house for Dessert and drinks. Each event had something unique. We sat around a fire pit in the 38 degree weather, and we played pool and beer pong at our house.
The pre-teen and teenagers all hung together.

The kids loved it! Just when they would get bored, it was time to move to another house.
Food galore everwhere...

Everyone had such a good time. I seriously think I didn't get that drunk because there was so much food being eaten all night long it soaked up any alcohol I may have consumed. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
The men trying to compare who's better at Pool.

We made some great memories. The women kicked butt in Beer Pong, the kids played hard on the Xbox and WII, and the men tried to play several rounds of Pool but I think the cases of beer being consumed may have interfered.
Did someone say "Beer Pong?"

Since we were the last house being "hopped", it was 2am before the last person wobbled their way down the street to home. After cleaning up around the house and getting food put away, it was about 2:45am when I finally crawled into bed.

And the best part was waking up with NO HANGOVER!!

But all four of us spent the day in our PJ's on New Years Day and watched movies all day long. It was really nice having a quiet and relaxing day to end the holiday season.



Kaci said...

I miss your house. :( I walked into that kitchen too many times to count. Makes me really home sick seeing all those photos. XOXO

Tooje said...

That sounds like fun...hopping from one house to another. Good idea. :) And yea for no hangover!!