Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anyone want a teenager...

He's super cute
Sleeps A LOT
Goes by the nick name "Pookie" from his mama
Works hard when he wants too and not when you need him too
Outgrows his clothes faster then I can buy them
Is taller then most women already and is not finished growing yet
Plays nicely with his Lil' sister when he's in the mood too
Otherwise he teases her nonstop until she's screaming
Likes to cuddle with his mama right before bedtime
But doesn't know who she is when friends are around
But knows where her wallet is when he wants something
He costs a lot in maintenance and upkeep
Braces come off in 4 months
VANS shoes cost as much as the payment for his braces
Talks on his cell phone more then he talks to his parents
Disappears into his room for endless hours at a time
Doesn't have anything to say to his parents other then "huh?, what? k, later, and fine"
Has countless girls calling his phone at all hours of the night
Said phone now left downstairs at bedtime
Has girls writing notes on his arms and backpack
Did I mention he sleeps a lot?
No really, A LOT
Did I mention the girls?
Did I mention how stinky he is?
His feet stink just as bad
So does his Axe he sprays on everything
And he goes through a bottle of Hair Gel a week
He eats a lot too
He eats everything
Nothing is sacred, he'll eat it
We have to order him his own pizza now, or we don't get any
He runs 2 miles a day in the evenings
He plays sports
He's really good at them
Did I mention that he eats a lot?
That I am now grocery shopping every 5 days instead of every 2 weeks?
Did I mention how cute he is?

FREE - to a good home
(he's potty trained)


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Leah said...

he's potty trained!!! LOL!! That's a perfect ending.

My MIL has warned me that if I think my grocery bill is high NOW, to just WAIT until the boys are teenagers... I'm afraid. Very afraid.