Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diva in training...

Emily has discovered the phone. I'm not kidding at all. She calls her friends on it, they call her, and they talk about everything and nothing. And they do this for 45 minutes before I discover she is still on the phone and make her get off. They talk about what they are doing right then for example "Haley, what are you doing right now?", "No, I mean right now.", "Oh really, I'm sitting in my room talking to you too.", "Wanna play on our DS' and write to each other?", "When I log on I can't see you.", " Are you sure your on your DS?", "Cuz I'm in my room on my DS and I can't see you on it?". (Even though we live .5 miles away from Haley and the DS' only have a 20ft range, she doesn't understand why Haley isn't showing on her DS)

A few weeks ago, I heard her talking again and knew she had to be on the phone somewhere. And I had just chased her off the phone a few minutes before. When I came around the corner of my office, this is what I found:
Yes, A Diva has been born.




Leah said...

LOL! I'm sure this wil happen to my Emily at some point... But for now, we're not home and activity/homework/etc free for long enough in the day to allow for lengthy phone calls. I'm sure she'll figure out working them into her schedule sooner than later though! haha!

Great picture of your Emily. I love the crossed legs and the left hand holding the phone to the right ear. she looks like an old pro!!!!

Kaci said...

Oh dear...well if she ever wants to call someone in Ohio I'm free!

Tooje said...

Please nooooooooooooooooo!

(that pose is hilarious. hilarious.)