Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Pictures...

Every year at Christmas I make sure to get some kind of family picture taken to help document our family history. Now DH hates having his picture taken, no matter the cause. So usually he puts up with it for me the few times I ask, but he usually grumbles a lot. So I've taken to alternating years between family ones and just the kids. Last year, it was just the kids, so this year, it was time for the whole Fam to be in it.
If you've ever had to coordinate pictures, then you know it's a lot of work. You have to decide on a color theme, then find outfits that match somewhat in that color family, and then make sure everyone has the right accessories. You have to get everyone there on time, showered and hair perfect, clothes pressed and make sure every ones smiling.
So to be able to look at the final project and be pleased with it, is a major feat.

And boy am I pleased!!!
And a little sad.

Because it's not until you look at your family all dressed up, standing next to each other, that you really see how grown up they are. That those years are slipping by. You see from year to year, how their faces change, who they start to look like, how tall they are, how their hair has changed, braces or no braces, glasses or no glasses, babies or teenagers.
I just want to freeze time. I want to capture the innocence of the moment. The joy on the faces, the happiness of childhood, captured in a flash.

I mean really, I'm still young, why do they have to get older??? ;o)


Norms said...

Cindy, these pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I too would like to freeze time. Bright Blessings!!

Tooje said...

If you freeze time, be sure it extends all the way over here. I am WITH YOU on this feeling. I keep snuggling Evie too much knowing it's probably my final baby. :( And OJ...sitting here, counting, knowing letters, playing army men. So grown up in his little baby face and voice. I won't even touch on TO.

Your kids are so handsome. But their innocence is very clear. Keep holding on!