Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black & White...

Everything takes a whole new perspective when you go black and white.
I absolutely love how the photographer captured these poses and how much better they looked in B&W then in color. I think I just might keep this family after all...pretty good looking bunch they are! ;o)

Do you see the world through color lenses where everything is bright, cheerful and colorful? Or do you see the world through Black & White lenses where everything is sharp points, as it is, no gray area?


Kaci said...


Tooje said...

I am a lover of black and white photos. :) Instead of some photoboard arrangement at our wedding, I used black and white photos as our centerpieces, in silver and black frames. I still love all those pictures.

Your family IS gorgeous. Be proud, woman. :)

Leah said...

My mother can't stand b/w photos, but I think you can take a so-so color photo and really make it SOMETHING in b/w. Funny, that b/w was the only option for so many years, and although now we've got color options, we tend to still fall back and love the b/w versions best. LOL You guys got some great pics!!