Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Trees and...

Ok, I admit I tend to be a LITTLE bit of a perfectionist or maybe a little OCD about decorations being perfect. I will follow behind the children and "fix" what they hung, or adjust lights, or move tinsel around the tree so it looks "perfect". I do the same thing with the Christmas Decorations. They must be evenly spaced, facing the right direction, set in certain spots, etc. I have no idea why, or where this came from. It can be stressful and frustrating at times, especially when the kids were little and pick something up to look at.

This year, we decorated very little. Out of the 6 tubs of indoor decorations, I only used two. Part of the reason being that we are taking it all down before Christmas anyways, so it was hard to make myself put it all up.

We weren't even going to put a tree up. We have an artificial 4 ft tree, we were just going to plug that in and viola! But the kids begged and pleaded, and honestly, the house didn't FEEL Christmasy at all without one.

So Austin and I ran up and bought a 6ft tree and came home with it. DH was not too happy with us, since he had just put all the tree stuff away in the shed since I had said we weren't doing one. Oops. As soon as we got it up, Austin started begging to do the lights himself, and the star and was relentless. So I started thinking...I could totally use this to my advantage.

I let the kids do the tree all by themselves! I literally did not hang one thing. And it was GREAT!

The stinker of a son of mine, rubbed it in that he could reach the top to put the star on without a step stool! Emily hung Christmas Ornaments and tinsel with her brother.
I may have "suggested" that they make sure all sides of the tree got decorated, but that's as far as I went. I merely sat and handed out the ornaments.

We only put about 20 ornaments on and about 20 bulbs. But Austin loved putting lights on and used 6 strands on this tiny tree. LOL
They had a blast, laughing and giggling. And it was great to see them working together.

"Austin, you need to hang this one up there" Emily would say.

"Emily, Do you want me to help you with the tinsel?" Austin would say.

And I sat back and relaxed!
In my defense, I have only "fixed" one clump of tinsel that was in danger of catching fire on lights because it was so thick a clump and hanging on lights. I have not touched anything else!

And if you know me, that is really hard for me to do. But I'm proud of myself and the kids!

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Leah said...

My kids helped decorate the tree this year and last year. Last year, I was half in tears over the stress of worrying if they would drop and break ornaments, if they hung them all in one spot, etc... But I survived the experience and this year went much more smoothly. They did get a little clumpy with the ornaments, but were pretty good at asking me to help get stuff on higher branches (and pointing just where they wanted it). I went back afterwards and adjusted a few that were WAY too close to the edge of the branch, and filled in a few gaps, but for the most part, the kids actually did a fantastic job, AND it went WAY faster with four of us working on the tree, versus just ME working on it (which is great, because I have ZERO extra time to spare lately! LOL). Kudos to you for being able to let go a bit and give the kids the reigns. They'll never forget the experience!