Friday, December 3, 2010

Do you believe...

Do you believe in Santa?
I mean really believe.
The Magic that Santa brings. The Feeling that Santa brings.
Do you believe in Santa?
I do. I believe in Santa.
My Son informed me that he KNOWS about Santa this year, and that he's cool with it. But a little part of my heart felt a tug when he said that. I want him to believe in Santa. I want him to remember what it felt like each year to run into the room believing in Santa being there the night before. I want him to feel and remember what Santa resembles about Christmas.
It's not just about a man in a red suit. It's about believing in the good. i believe in the good in people. I believe that people can change. I believe that Christmas is a reminder for us to be good unto others. To give to the less fortunate, but remember those around us who help us day in and day out.
I love Santa because for a few short weeks of the year, the children behave. I love Santa because you can't help but smile when you see one. I love Santa because he reminds me that no matter how dull or crazy life can get, that there is always more i can do for others.
Santa promotes Hope. Santa embodies the very symbol of selfless acts and kindness in the world. He loves everyone, no matter what color, size, shape, age or breed we are. He will hug you, love you, listen to you, sit with you, read to you and talk with you. he keeps your secrets, knows all your names, and reads every letter. He answers most, brings a toy for all, and eats nibbles of anything left for him.
Santa is the epitome of what a perfect parent would be. He gives kids the world without consequences, and gives parents an excuse to spoil their kids. He lets our kids believe all is good in the world, and peace on earth. He has songs written about him, books read of him, stories passed down from generations, pictures that last a lifetime. He is the one constant in an ever changing world.
He goes by many names. St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, Santa, St. Nick, and many more. But no matter what the name, we all know him. We all believe. We all wish for those feelings as we grow older, and we try and teach that to our children to cherish. And when they reach that age, of being "too old" to believe, we hope that the feeling carries on with them.
We hope they can still hear the bell ringing...
Because I can.


Leah said...

Emily has asked me TWICE this year if there's REALLY a such thing as Santa, but she's been in front of her brothers both times so I've been vague with her and said something along the lines of, "As long as people believe in the spirit of Christmas and in giving, then there will always be a Santa." I wish they could believe forever!!

Tooje said...

What a great post. Love it. :)

Together We Save said...

Wonderful post.... and to be honest I really do believe in the magic of Christmas!!