Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homecoming 2011...

Homecoming happened in our town a few weeks ago, and this year "I" as the "MOM" was banned from having anything to do with homecoming, Austin, driving, involvement of the restaurant or friends going. And it sucked! I felt so left out.

This year it was all about "Dad" being there and helping, and driving, and advice and...and...

"Mom, you're just not cool to go. A guy can't have his Mom there. Don't even think about showing up for pictures. Don't even dream about showing up at the restaurant. I'm not telling you who's going with us."


So "Dad" helped him get dressed.
And "Dad" drove him in the "cool" car.
And "Dad" picked him up after in the "cool" car.
You seriously would have thought i asked to KISS him at the MALL in front of all his friends with girls looking on the way he carried on for me to get these TWO pictures of him.

And "MOM" went to a friends house and drank lots of WINE to deal with the Trauma of being left out. :o(

Really, I did.

It was good.

And it helped.


I still have Emily. Maybe she'll let "Mom" be involved when she's in High School.



Kaci said...

Sigh, guess I should get used to that soon, eh? =)

Leah said...

BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!! You're too nice, I think. My boys aren't gonna have a choice. This momma will hunt them down and play paparazzi if I have too. hahahahaha! We'll see how it works out. Hard to imagine my snuggly little boys shunning me in public and leaving me out. wahhhh!

Norms said...

i agree with Leah, you were too nice!!
You have 1 boy and 1 girl, the experience has to be different with each.
I hope Nae is ready because I WILL be the mom who takes way too many pictures and does all the annoying litte things.
Austin doesn't know it yet, he'll see how awesome his mom is, you'll see.

Lisa Baldwin said...

Boys... Mine are the same way every time I take a picture there like "Another blog moment"... I just laugh and say no its memories I don't want to forget and I want to cherish for years to come!!! I told my oldest if he didn't come home with his date on Homecoming I wouldn't let him in the house... LOL!!!