Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boy's and their Toy's...

Someone please tell me, do GIRL'S have anything in this world they value so much that they will spend 4 hours, yes, I said FOUR hours: washing, waxing, polishing, wiping, shining, scrubbing, drying, vacuuming, spraying, dusting and rinsing???

That's exactly what THESE boy's did and then got up at 7am when the "lighting" is perfect and moved into position with the said Toy's!


Will they ever grow up?



Leah said...

Dan soooo badly wants another muscle car, and beyond the cost of purchase/upkeep, your post is exactly one of the reasons I'm not anxious for him to ever have another one again... UGH!!! That's four hours they'll never get back. hahaha

Kaci said...

HA! =) Thank God Jon cares less about cars.