Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boy's Weekend...

Boy's will be Boy's, if you let them that is. Hub's decided that the "Boy's" needed a "Man" weekend away and get back to nature, so him and Austin packed up the truck and ran off to meet his brother for a camping/fishing weekend.

But from what I can tell from the pics that came back, there was a lot of this that went on:
And definitely some of this:
And absolutely lots of this:See? I said lots of it:There was even some of this:
ACK!!! Who in their right mind put Austin in charge of driving the boat????And while they returned to their natural roots of their "Caveman" ancestors,It's nice to know they can go have this time to be dirty, stinking cavemen and still be able to come home and shower and return to being my boy's.



Leah said...

Looks like it was a nice weekend for them!!

Kaci said...

Fun! Man he's getting tall!