Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Reunions and Fish...

This past weekend, Austin and I hit the road for a 4 hour road trip to a Family Reunion. We went to see family I haven't seen in 5+ years, even some i've never met. Austin has only met a few of them, so it was important that he go since he is old enough to really remember and get something out of it.

Now I have to warn you. I have a HUGE family. Seriously - on both sides of my parents families. Both of my parents come from large families, and those siblings had allot of kids, and so on. So this reunion was just one branch of the extended side of my mom's family.
We had a blast, the two of us. I love road trips anyways. And I especially like driving. And i especially like not traveling with DH. Don't get me wrong, he's great and all. But when he drives on a road trip, there's no side trips, stops or potty breaks. It's "we have a destination and we won't stop until we get there" for him. Drives me nuts and the kids crying to get out.

Sooo...since I was driving, I stopped when I wanted to, shopped when I wanted too, or drove like a speed devil when I needed too. :o)

So our first night there, We all hit the pool at the hotel after dinner and then this happened:

That's not me. That's my 14-3/4 yr old who couldn't last past 9:30pm. Notice his phone plugged in and next to him?

Saturday was the actual reunion, and we arrived early at the hall to set up and prepare food. We had Homemade Enchiladas, Hand Rolled Tamales, Enchilada Casseroles, Mexican Chicken Chili Beans, Homemade Refried Beans, and Burrito Roll-ups. We had a Salsa and Appetizer Table, We had a Homemade Salad table, and we had a Dessert Table full of goodies.

Austin's favorite part, was going fishing with all these cousins he just met and also grew up with. He caught 6 fish!
But he wouldn't clean or gut them. Chicken!

The adults got together at a local bar in the evening, and Austin got to babysit the little cousins. He was in heaven. He's so good with kids. They all love him. He gets that from his dad. When DH and I were dating, he'd come by my house to see me, and be on the floor playing with my niece and nephew and totally ignore me. But it was okay, it showed me what a good guy he was and what a great dad he'd make some day. Austin's the same way. Now when my lil guy comes over, he runs into "Auw-tin's" arms instead of mine. :o(

Oh that part about "I'm driving, and I'll stop when i want too" - yea, we stopped at the Outlet Mall on the way home and shopped. hee hee

I'm already planning another road trip. It felt good to get on the road and open it up. No worries, no stress, just wherever the road lays in front of you.



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Sounds like it was a great trip!!!

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