Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where has the summer gone...

Holy cow - where have I been? Well, I apparently took the summer off from blogging. Not intentionally mind you, I've just been so darn busy. Juggling 3 part time jobs, doctors appointments, vacations, house projects, kids home for summer, summer school, play dates and somewhere in between BREATHING!

This summer just flew past so quick. The kids started back to school this last week already, and with it brings a big SIGH which means the craziness is replaced with homework and school schedules, sports practices and games.

Emily started 5th grade on Wednesday! I was so sad, this is our last year EVER at this Elementary school. This will be our 11th year going between the two kids. Austin went the very first year it ever opened as a brand new school. It was our LAST 1st day of school there and walking her to class, our last year of bringing flowers to the teacher on the first day, our last year of being with the most AMAZING Special Ed Teacher in the world who loves the kids as her own and who has managed to bring Emily out of her cocoon and is now greeted with smiles.

Austin stared High School on Thursday as a SOPHOMORE!!! Yikes, when did this happen??? Seriously, When? Oh yea, he grew another 3 inches over the summer and came home on the first day of school proudly GLOATING in my face that the PE teacher measured him at 6'1! DH is only 6'2. And this kid is only 14. He still has another year to finish growing!

They both had fabulous first days, went to school with smiles, new outfits, fresh haircuts, and new backpacks, and both came home with the "bah humbug" school has started attitude. hahahaha

My babies have changed so much this summer. This has been my first summer home with them and getting to see and do things with them. It's been great and stressful. :o) I've watched Austin do allot of maturing this summer. Looking more "manly", but also his attitude and personality. He's helped several neighbors over the summer with handyman jobs, earning money along the way, had his first dealings with a girl liking him but he didn't like her back slash stalking him, and being able to hang out with him now on our own now that he's older and able to do more adult things.

Emily has changed in many ways. She not only has hit the whole puberty thing this summer and shot up and out in every direction (sorry if any men/boys are reading this), but she has really blossomed in her socializing. She is such a lil gabber now, and so polite. She also grew this summer and is now to my shoulders and wears a size 5 shoe. Let me remind you she's 11. Her face has been changing and looking older. She cut 4" off her hair, and got the newest trend of having a feather in her hair. And she thinks she's all that now.

DH and I got away a few times this summer on our own. A few date nights, and also a "romantic" weekend away which i had no idea about. It was adorable. He had it planned for weeks, and had taken the kids suitcases over to my parents days ahead so i wouldn't notice, and told me he was taking me to dinner and my mom was babysitting. So off we went. Only after dinner he pulled into this Fabulous hotel on the river and pulled out a suitcase full of my clothes and things. And it was this gorgeous suite overlooking the river. We had the best time walking around old town and seeing the car show.

We also took an amazing family vacation, which will have to wait for another post to tell you about.

I'm sorry I've been away, and I hope i haven't lost too many of my loyal fans.

So? What have you been up to this summer?



Lisa Baldwin said...

Glad you are back as will my sweet friend... It seems like a lot of us have taking some time off this summer... Glad you had a great summer and I can't wait to read more posts!

Tooje said...

All that turning into teenagers and growing up stuff...I sure hope I get the hang of it. I keep thinking 13 is still so young, childlike. What do we consider adultlike things? What should they be allowed to do? Ugh....the stepson is about to be 14 at the end of this year, and I keep finding ways he acts so immaturely he shouldn't be given more adult-like privileges. Is that my way of being too over-protective?

Glad to hear your summer is going so well, that you got away for a weekend, and I look forward to your family vacation story!