Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer is here...

No more Homework
No more Bedtime schedules
No more Lunches to pack
No more waking up grumpy kiddos
No more Signature Checks on planners
No more Teacher emails



We never had a Spring Season. We had Rain, Rain, Rain, Thunderstorms, Lightening and Hail until June 8, then immediately went into 90 degree heat. Suppose to hit 105 by this weekend. Really not liking going from complaining about Rain to complaining about Heat. I really love my Springs! :o(

And it's wreaking havoc on my garden. I have lots of Tomatoes, but they need the heat to ripen, lots of Zucchini and Squash dying off because there's too much water and not enough sun to make them grow. They are starting to take off now that we have sun, but I'm afraid the damage might be done. Looks like small crops this year. Boo!

Oh and don't get me started on the WEEDS that have popped up everywhere from all the rain and wind spreading them everywhere! Errr....

But I am happy that it is Flippy Flop weather and I can FINALLY put the sweaters and jeans away and yank out my shorts! Hard to believe 4th of July is around the corner, with all the rain, it seems like we should be just having Easter. I think it's gonna be a short summer.

We had several small trips planned, but I have decided to have my Hand Surgery done now so I have help while they are all home and get it over with.

What are your summer plans?

I "DREAM" of Sunny beaches, crashing waves, Cold Drinks with Umbrella's in the them, Cabana Boys, Tropical Fruits, Swinging Hammocks, and Perfect Tan Lines.

Reality Bites!



Together We Save said...

I am so happy summer is here!!

Kaci said...

I love the summer, I'll take heat over frigid cold any day!

Tooje said...

You will find ZERO complaints from me about this 100 degree weather! I LOVE IT. It's wonderful. And it's been lasting the entire summer, as you know. Hee hee hee.

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