Monday, February 28, 2011

A new day...

What a great weekend, beautiful weather, well-behaved children, and getting out of the house. It's amazing that having the Sun shining can do to your outlook and mood. After 5 days of WIND and RAIN that brought a tornado to touch down in a NON tornado area, and the next 5 days of solid WIND and RAIN again, that the two days in between storms happen to be the weekend, and brought with it SUN! :o)

Spring is on the way. The trees are budding and blossoming, the flowers are growing, the plants are sprouting and birds are chirping. It's almost time to start getting my vegetable garden ready. What to plant this year??? Hmmm...

We also reconnected with our long, lost niece and had her family over for dinner this weekend. Such a lovely visit and adorable baby boy she has now. Makes me think of days long ago and memories.

Today is our last glance of Sun, so i'm outta here to go enjoy it!


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Tooje said...

I'm jealous of your sun, but I think we'll see it sometime this week. It won't bring anything warm, but it'll say hi at least.

I hope all is well!