Friday, February 18, 2011

Have you seen my lung...

I've been sick. I've been really sick. I've been REALLY really sick.

Wanna know how sick? I haven't put on make-up in 5 days!!!

I took Austin to Urgent Care on Sunday because his cough was worse, his fever spiked high, and he hadn't moved from his bed in 3 days and THAT is so unlike him.

He had Pneumonia.

Sunday, the same Sunday, i started coughing. Sunday night, I started coughing allot. Monday I was choking. I spent the next 3 days in bed or sitting up on the couch so I could breathe and not choke. And it wasn't a cough. It was a VIOLENT cough that left me with a pounding headache from coughing so hard, and my back hurting from tensing so bad to cough.

I was miserable.

Monday, I get a call from school that Emily is sick. Coughing to the point of throwing up.

By Wednesday night, I went to Urgent Care. The doctor asked "what's wrong?" as I lay there choking in the room. I said "I purr when I breathe." He listened. He said, "do you hear that too when you breathe?" I said, "yep, like I said, I purr like a kitten." I was wheezing so bad he checked my O2 levels. Then he sent me home with 4 meds and said I had Bronchitis.

It's contagious. This Upper Respiratory Infection. Within one day of being around the person, you got it. The little girl I watch sometimes, got it. The neighbor, got it. The dog I think got it. The fly on my wall got it. The whole school is out with it. And the cough? The cough is HORRID. It hurts. It hurts everything. I swear, I coughed up my lung and it flew out of my body. I can't find it. So if you see it around, can you kindly ask it to come back? I'd like to breathe with out purring...thanks



Kaci said...

Iy yi yi toots!! Feel better!

Tooje said...

I will certainly look for it. I am afraid we've been bitten by some sort of bug too, possibly respiratory. Two of the four had strep a week ago. One isn't healthy yet and going back to the doctor today. The littlest one has had a cough and congestion, and I think maybe has an ear infection or something. I hope you guys get better, I hope we get better. Here's to Spring!! :)

Leah said...

yikes!! I hope you're all on the mend by now!! Being sick stinks! Especially when it wipes out the whole family and you're stuck baby-ing "babies" while trying to baby yourself as well.