Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What we do for our kids...

Last night I froze my tooshie off for that son of mine. And do you think I heard a Thank You? Nope. Not one. Not one little hug, not one "thanks" not one " 'preciate it".

Last night was Baseball try-outs and we arrived at the fields at 6:30pm so he could warm up with the guys and get checked in. It was 44 degrees out. Not bad. A Lil chill in the air. And it started late. And with a last name at the end of the alphabet, and being one of the oldest out there, he was 4th from the end of about 50+ boys.

Which means, I was still sitting there 3+ hours later with now 2 coats on, my gloves and my snow hat and it was now 30 degrees out.

Did I mention that I was Fffrrrreeeezzziiinnngggg??? That is my teeth chattering thinking about it. It's one thing if I was one of those boys running around catching balls or batting, but no, I was sitting on COLD metal bleachers for hours!!!! HOURS!!!

I vaguely remember saying I could not feel my nose, fingers or butt cheeks and my son telling me "TMI mom!"

And I vividly remember telling him that he BETTER remember this moment and what I did for him and that I expected a VERY NICE nursing home in my old age.

And with that I marched my frozen butt to the car and blasted the heater on full blast all the way home.



Kaci said...

30 is not cold. I would have been in my capri's. =) Kidding!

Norms said...

Yeah, sorry Cindy. 30 is Sweatshirt weather. I love the "nursing home" bit. I have to remember that for later with Nae!!

Leah said...

brr! and it's frustrating when our kids totally take advantage of what we do for them! I had a rant with my kids the other day when one of them dared utter the words, "you never do anything for me!" I about came UNGLUED!! After I spent minutes listing off everything I do, in fact, do for them, all three were full of thank you's and I love you's and tried to do some serious booty kissing. ha! KIDS!!