Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Up, up and away...

Austin took his first (that he remembers) plane ride a few weeks ago to go see his Grandma. He flew on a plane when he was 2, but he slept through it all. And his Grandma (My MIL) moved out of state when he was 4, so he doesn't really remember her. Let's just say we aren't that close with the in-laws.
Anyhoo, the MIL's health has deteriorated and she was going in for surgery and we knew it was the last shot that DH's and son would have to go see her. The timing of the trip was the worst ever (just a little thing called hospital visit) but it needed to happen for several reasons, and I knew that. So after the decision was made to go, I thought it was a great idea to take Austin along. One, he really needed some guy time, and two, he really needed a chance to meet his grandma and was old enough to remember her.
We didn't tell her he was coming. She thought it was just DH's. So DH walks in room when he gets there and visits for 5 minutes or so, then says he has to go get something outside. And brought Austin into the room. It was a great shock, once they explained who he was. He had grown so tall and "manly" she was expecting a boy still. The hotel had the coolest Atrium with an indoor pool, cafe area, game area and lounge area.

Austin had a great time. They went swimming at the hotel, shopping at the mall, visiting relatives. It was a short trip but packed with activities.
And DH's took evidence that some pups couldn't run with the big dogs! ;o)



Leah said...

LOL!! that last picture is too funny!

Glad he got the chance to meet his grandma at an age he'll remember.

Tooje said...

I remember reading this post but apparently didn't leave a comment. :)

The sleeping photo is a definite reminder that he is just a kid. And we need those when they just keep getting bigger.