Monday, November 8, 2010

Do you even want to know...

Where I've been? I mean, I don't even want to know. It's depressing, it's exhausting, and its down right no fun!

After getting Emily home from the hospital, the following week was spent scheduling numerous appointments, meetings and tests for her. I spent the whole week on the phone or in meetings. By evening, the pure exhaustion of very little sleep from the week before and the stress would hit and I could barely keep my eyes open by 7pm!

It has been one really long couple of weeks.

And to top it off, they think her seizures are related to the mystery illness of my DH's. So Friday I had to take him to the hospital and he underwent the same testing she did. We are now waiting to hear back on all the reports.

Waiting is the hardest part. I promise to post more later. And I will get around to visiting you all more regularly. I pop in and out when I have a few minutes, but i may not have time to comment. So know I am there! :o)



Tooje said...

I'm trying to catch up but it appears your life has really been in overdrive.

I hope that you will learn lots of positive news in the coming weeks.

I hope that Emily is having no ill effects of these seizures. How incredibly scary for you to have to sit through - for six days. I've been in the hospital, but not for that long.

I'll be thinking about you. Don't rush to visit...keep yourself rested. It's most important. Good thoughts coming your way!

Leah said...

My thoughts are with your family! Sounds like a very very FULL plate right now!! xoxo I hope you get some answers.