Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perler Beads anyone...

Have you heard of them? It's the craze right now. The kids love making their own designs and then making key chains out of them. A few weeks ago, our neighbor and BFF's, hosted a Perler Bead Party/BBQ for kids and adults. The company sent the host this whole kit full of packs of beads for everyone, and man they had fun!
They started out slow, taking their time as they went. And then the race was on to see how many they could do, and how many different colors or designs they could make. Even Austin who stated he was "too old for this kinda thing" eventually sat down and made a few.
When your done designing, you then iron all the beads together. They then melt into the design you created. And you then attach the key chain clip and viola'!
It was pretty enticing, even for adults. Some got creative with themes, seen here making a San Francisco Giants one.
Adults and kids alike had a good time. Even though hours later we were finding little beads EVERWHERE! I'm not kidding.

After most of the invited kids went home, the adults then had yummy food and sat around the fire pit all evening enjoying the great company.


Kaci said...

Sounds cool!! =)

Leah said...

are those the ones you iron and melt together? I can't believe those are back again! LOL The kids I used to nanny for were HUGE into those like 13-ish years ago. They had large tins of them and we'd spend hours making them during school breaks and stuff. LOL