Monday, November 15, 2010

Trick r Treat...

Its funny how the original "Trick OR Treat" has changed with slang to now your lucky to get a "Trick r treat".

The kiddos went out robbing the neighborhood of their goodies and bringing the Yummy little treats home to Momma. What? Oh like you don't go through the loot and snag one or two (or a handful) of your favorite kind!
Anyhoo...Emily went as Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place. I seriously doubt anyone (other then kids) knew who she was suppose to be. But she just "had to have it". And guess what? It was apparently a very popular costume this year. Although I never saw another one dressed as one, every store in town was sold out, and 15 websites I checked were sold out. I was near tears as I tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to convince her to be something else, but she was firm that she "just had to be" Alex. So I googled and googled and clicked and clicked and lo and behold, I found some website I had never heard of that had ONE costume in her size left!!! And it was $5 cheaper then I saw on the sold out sites. Momma scored!!! And the Lil' girl was delighted! Austin decided on HALLOWEEN DAY that he wanted to trick or treat, and needed a costume. I was so mad that he waited til the last minute, that I only went to Rite Aid and told him he gets whatever I find is left on the shelves. Which lucky for him I found this:
Ok, who has seen the scary and gory movies SAW? There's like 7 or 8 of them out now. The latest came out last months in 3D. Imagine seeing a leg getting severed in 3D? No thanks. Anyways, the first 4 or 5 the DH's and I were into. It was a story line that kept you trying to figure out who did it and then why. So even though it was a squeamish for me, I just couldn't stop watching. Then it just got dumb. After all the questions were answered, they had a copy cat killer and it just was lame. But Austin scared allot of adults that night! Most kids didn't know who he was, probably because sane parents didn't let their young kids watch such gore, but all the adults walking around knew! LOL. What's even funnier, is his shirt is a Jeff Dunham shirt that says "SILENCE, I'll Keel you!" hahahaha...

They had a blast.



Leah said...

hurray for finding a costume in her size! I actually assumed you pieced that together on your own! Shows how well I know that show (basically, I DON'T!! LOL We don't have cable, but the kids watched it while we were on vacation at the ocean). Em looks great, and it's clear she's pleased as punch with her costume.

I have not seen Saw, nor do I ever plan to. I don't even like watching the scary previews on TV, let along the whole scary movie. NO THANKS! LOL

Tooje said...

I know that Jeff D. skit!! AaaaCKmed the terrorist!!!

Glad your kids had fun!