Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring has Sprung...

So my last post was about my garden, and so I decided since I was out there snapping shots, to go ahead and take some of my potted plants I just redid.

Cuz I'm a dork.

And I like plants.

And because it's my blog and I can. :o)

Ok - So following the garden theme, here is the last of the garden items:
Hubby wanted a Lime tree to go with the Corona's chillin in the fridge. So 1-1/2 years ago we planted this baby. And it went through it's Shock year pretty much losing all it's leaves and not growing at all. Then last spring, it started growing tiny limes out of the flowers that bloomed. And I got all excited. Told everyone that we had baby limes. Then we got Toby. Toby was a puppy. Toby was teething a lot. Toby ate and chewed anything he could get his paws on. Which apparently meant my baby limes growing. Ggrrr...See the long, yellow thing on top of the limes? That was the center of the flowers before they were pollinated and became limes! The petals fell off already.

The tree is in this huge pot. And he could jump up and rest his front paws on the rim of the planter and stretch his neck and reach the tree with his nose. He would knock off the limes and EAT them! Very Bad Doggy.
Here's a close up. When I got this close to the tree, man could i smell the citrus! Smelled so good!

But this year, Toby is not teething. And this year, the tree is not in shock anymore. This year, the tree grew 3x's it's size. And this year...there is over 50 limes growing!!!

I am really excited!

I also planted these.
There's 4 posts of these all over the Zen garden. I planted them all the same, but mixed up the colors.

And some of these.



Tooj said...

I took pictures of my girlfriend's parents' backyard because I am/was amazed at all the landscaping and gardening they've done to it. It's like walking into a flipping nursery or something.

Leah said...

pretty! I love the look of having flowers all over, but I am lazy about waternig and weeding and all that, and flowers don't end up liking to live around my yard. ha ha!