Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ho-Hum...it's Tuesday...

Soooo....in case any one was wondering it's Tuesday. A pretty non-descript day. Monday's everyone hates, Wednesday's are Hump days, Thursdays mean TOMORROW is Friday, and Friday's mean...Well, we all know what those mean.

But Tuesday's? What good is a Tuesday for? It's after Monday. So maybe people are happier on Tuesday's because Monday is over. It's also before Hump Day, which means the week is half over.

Tuesday's remind me of the Surrogate Baby custody battle back in the late 80's (or maybe early 90's). Does anyone remember this case? It made national headlines because it was before Surrogate mother's had rights and surrogacy was legal. There were no real contracts written because it was illegal in the majority of states.

I was in High School and I remember this case so well. Maybe because the baby's name was unusual. The Surrogate Mom named her Tuesday. She refused to give the baby up. The parents were from another state and filed for custody. The state the Surrogate lived in didn't recognize Surrogacy so the mother got to keep the baby. But the state the parents lived in did and they were granted custody. But the S.mom fled with the baby into hiding. It was dragged out in courts and for years and in headlines everyday because it was the first of it's kind. It went to Federal court.

I can't remember how it ended. I think the S.mom had to give her up to the parents. But got visitation rights. I tried googling it, but couldn't find anything on it. I wonder how they are all doing now????

Hmmm...So what do Tuesday's mean to you?


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Kaci said...

Tuesday means Biggest Loser...duh! =)