Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Confirmation...

Austin made his First Confirmation on April 15 at Church with the Bishop and a church packed full of family and friends helping to celebrate. There were 92 teenagers getting confirmed. They said it was their largest group ever!

Confirmation is the last Sacrament you make to be fully and 100% accepted into the Catholic Church. And it's not taken lightly. You have to attend classes for a year, go on several retreats, fund raise for a Catholic Non-Profit Pregnant Women's Clinic, Volunteer hours and Homework. And when it's all completed, you go before the Bishop for a special one on one blessing and are announced into the church community. It was so exciting to see him accomplish this. It made me reflect back to when I did mine.
Austin and his Teacher before the Ceremony

The evening was made more special because not only did Austin get Confirmed, but my Nephew and Godson, Eric, did as well. So we got to support and share in it with all family.
Austin and his Sponor/Grandma/Godmom

Part of the ritual, is that you pick a sponsor who goes with you up to the Bishop. This Sponsor must be Catholic, can not be your parent, and will guide and support you throughout your faith. Austin picked his Grandma. Who just happens to also be his Godmother. So it was very special for her.
I don't know this kid, but wanted a picture of the Ritual so you could see what the Bishop does. The head Priest of our church is on the left, and the Bishops Deacon is on the right. The Bishop even came with a Security guard all dressed in a cape and a Trojan looking hat with a furry mohawk style running down it. I tried to get a picture, but man he was quick.

I was upset during the ceremony the way they lined everyone up for the Bishop blessing. I purposely sat on the opposite side of the church from where Austin sat so I could get a face on picture of the blessing, but little did I know they would have everyone line up at once and I couldn't see anything!! So I have no picture of him getting it. But I got one of my Nephew.
All 92 kids - Austin is on the right side halfway up.

So after the Ceremony, and the Bishop was walking out of the church, I grabbed Austin and Pushed him through the crowd and got a picture of just him and the Bishop! I was so excited. I turned around and my Nephew had followed us, so I pushed him up there after Austin and got his too. Once the crowd figured out what I was doing, everyone started doing that and the Bishop tried running for it. LOL
The white thing coming across the Bishops face is the microphone. Just didn't want you to think he had a booger smeared across. LOL

I am very proud of the boys for their hard work and commitment in sticking it out. They made great friends throughout it and gained acceptance into the Catholic Church.
Austin had ripped his Tie off as soon it was over, but he's wearing his cross and St. Christophers Medal under it. Austin and Eric with thier sponsors.

Way to Go Boys!!