Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh to be carefree...

Normally, Emily HATES having wind on her face. We can't roll the windows down when she's in the car because it will blow on her. No matter what combination of windows we open and to what degree we roll them down, (believe me, we've tried them all) she will scream and holler until the windows are rolled back up.

I think it has to do with her Sensory Integration. But for whatever reason, you would think someone was getting murdered in our car if you roll the window down.
For the last few months now, she has randomly rolled down her own window while we have been out and about and just sits there staring out with a look of bliss. At first I was SHOCKED! But didn't want to let on I was and played it cool because I didn't want to scare her into NOT doing it again. I've noticed too, she only does it when it's only her and I in the car. The first time, I grabbed a picture of it on my cell phone. But this last time, I happen to have the camera in my purse. So while we were at a red light, I grabbed a few shots. Doesn't she look like she is so happy and enjoying the moment. It really is the little things in life. The fact that I had to document her being able to have a window down in the car tells you how we learn to enjoy the little things in life with her.

Makes me wish I was a kid again to be able to get that much enjoyment out of something so little.


Kaci said...

Awhh yea!!! She looks soooo happy!

Leah said...