Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When it pours...

So you know how my computer has been on life support? And I have the most amazing Computer Literate Brother who is actually employed as a Computer Tech for a Hospital and LOVES computers for some insane reason...was able to fix it? Well I have officially had the computer for 32 hours and my FLIPPIN KEYBOARD quits working!! I mean seriously? Are you kidding me? It took me 10 minutes to type 3 words! The buttons wouldn't work. I changed batteries, restarted, reconnected, relinked, re, re, re everything...and no luck. It was dead.

So off I go to the store in the middle of my work day, because it's a little hard to work from home on a COMPUTER with NO KEYBOARD! And I found this teeny, tiny keyboard that came with a new mouse AND new speakers!!! Who hoo! I love bonus packs. Don't you feel like your getting away with something? Like you just scored the best deal ever? It's like Christmas morning. Yep...I got the BEST present under the tree!

They had the almost same keyboard (same brand) by itself for $44, or this "Bonus" pack with Cordless keyboard, mouse and USB speakers for $40!!! Shut Up!

So I am tapping away on my new teeny, tiny keyboard (it is a little smaller then I would like as my hands feel all cramped trying to type as fast as I normally do on the larger. The keys are smaller and closer together so I keep hitting the wrong key!) but DH will be happy because it is much quieter. He hates hearing the tapping.

So by the time this little computer is finished, everything will be brand new in it! Rebuilt, New Memory, and now Keyboard, mouse and speakers! Now all I need is a new desk.

Desk, if you are reading this...please hold out until payday. I can't afford to replace another thing right now should you collapse on me.

OK - I promise...I am done with the COMPUTER TALK! No more posts will be used for this topic. Now...where did I put that margarita?


Tooj said...

I have been unable to leave you comments from work, and I've only been blogging from work. I just wanted you to know I'm still reading! LOL I'll get it figured out sometime. :) Happy Thursday!

Kaci said...

Stupid computers

Leah said...

the computers are life-savers and thorns in our sides, all at the same time. LOL

good job on the deal you found!!