Sunday, November 15, 2009

Did you hear...

Awww...can you see me? Can you hear it? I'm smiling. Nonstop smile. Smile across my face. And that sound? That's my heart. Beating wildly and very happy!

My begging, crying, pleading, stomping feet, using the whole "I fought to get pregnant with you, fought to have you" speech, even the "Dad & I live vicariously through you" speech. Whatever it was, something worked!
Because yesterday...Austin let me sign him up for Baseball!!! I know! He gave me the OK with 15 minutes to spare before sign ups closed and I would have to pay a late fee. I jumped in the car and raced off and made it with one minute to spare. I had him signed up before he could change his mind.

I did say the right "I just want you to do this if it's something YOU want. Don't do it for us." So I covered my bases, but either way he's signed up and he agreed. So worse case scenario, he drops out. But one step at a time baby. :o)



Anonymous said...

There's nothing better, I am smiling for you too.

Leah said...

how's his elbow from last season?

Kaci said...

Oh yay! Don't know how I missed this...ya is his boo boo all better?