Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Soccer Pro in Training...

Thats Austin kicking the ball...#22

There is no words to describe the feeling when you see your child playing in a sport he loves and is good at and playing hard. The pride radiates out and the joy makes me beam. I enjoy watching my son play sports so much. To see him succeed and try is the best.
Go Austin!!

Soccer is really fun to watch when he plays because of the face expressions, the heart that they play with, the full steam, full force going head strong at something is amazing to watch.
Austin kicking the ball - and no he didn't hit that player with the ball!

I snapped some pics at the last game. Because I have been told by Austin that this is his last year. I knew it was coming. He warned me before. And I know from experience that at this age group, most stop playing. They go on to play school sports now. Or join school activities, and youth league sports is a thing of the past. My heart breaks to think this is our last couple of games. He's hit the growth stage of Puberty where his knees hurt all the time, and he's not a happy camper. It's hard for me to bribe...i him into playing when he's hurting.
Ok - Can you see the ball right at his head? What a shot! he head butted it.

And to top it off...the flyer for Baseball came home. This weekend is sign-ups. This is the sport I enjoy the most - that he excels in the most - and he crushed my heart when he mom, I'm not playing.
Austin has the strongest leg on his team for booting it hard and long!

I did the puppy dog look, i cried, i stomped my feet, and i threw myself on the floor...and then he rolled his eyes and said he would think about it.
We've been a "Bear's" Player for 9 years! Since he was 4 years old!

Last night...he said NO.
Our canopy we bring to every game for the players to sit under - and I make sure everyone has water.
This year he would have to move to the Junior Division. Which is a MUCH LARGER field. Farther to throw, farther to hit, and farther to pitch. And much STRONGER boys. He's scared. *sigh* I don't want to push him to do something he doesn't want too. But I know his heart, and it's sports. I see the grin he gets, the sparkle in his eye when he makes a goal or hits that triple. When he pitches a no hitter inning, or slams an offense player from scoring. It feels good. And I also know if I don't make him play something...that he will get lazy. A teenager has taken over his body. and once they go lazy...getting them back out is near impossible. So I softly push. And prod. Waiting and hoping.
And really...maybe it's selfish for me. I mean...where would I get that rush of cheering and screaming for him when that Home run flies? The socializing of other parents? The Team Mom Roll I cherish? The butterflies I get in my stomach when he's batting? The "can't sit have to stand I can't stand this pressure" feeling when he's defending a tough team? The clapping on back when a play has gone good? The big grin and huge sparkle on his face when he comes off the field and knowing that inning was all due to him?
Will I never have that moment again? Will they only live on in videos and memories now? My Momma's Bragging rights now put on hold? Will I hold him in my arms and wish for that little T-ball player in size 4 kids cleats and teeny, tiny baseball pants? Or dream of the days my little boy's legs barely kicked the soccer ball because he was only 4 years old?
I will honor what Austin wants to do with his future, and I will cherish the years we have had. I will forever be proud of him. Forever love him. For he is my #1 sports HERO!