Monday, November 9, 2009

Pumpkin Patch...

So our schedule has been crazy busy the last few weeks and getting to the pumpkin patch with the kids when both DH and I were available has not been working out so well. So the kids had minimum day two days before Halloween and I ran them up there on my own. DH really wanted to go, but he hates crowds and how commercialised the place has become. So it kinda worked out because I let the kids do more then we could of done if he had been there. Sorry hon, but you and waiting in lines do not mix so well. LOL

Can you guess who they are?

So we fed the Goats at the Petting Zoo (really only Austin and I did, Emily was grossed out by it), Austin and I did the Haunted Barn (Emily waited outside as she was NOT going anywhere near there), and all three of us walked the corn maze. We also walked all through the patch and looked at all the scarecrows. They let all the local schools enter each year and classes and schools compete against each other. It's pretty neat to see what they come up with. We then rode the Hayride and then proceeded to pick out our pumpkins.
By this time Emily was getting tired after school, rides and walking all over, so big brother came to her rescue and pulled her all over in the wagon. She had a blast then. Can you say "Robots Movie"

Time for the Hayride...

So our pumpkins made it home, and we had every intention of cutting them and putting them out. But time ran out, and before we knew it, it was trick or treat time and it seemed a waste to do them now. So there they sit...uncut, undrawn, whole and beautiful Orange Pumpkins. So this weekend we are making homemade Pumpkin Seeds that we do every year. They are so yummy! Roasted and Salted!

How was your Pumpkin Patch experience?